• Regarding The chorus in general
  • "Harmony Inc is the kindest and most encouraging vocal organization I've ever experienced. I've never seen a more supportive competition than the Area 1 Contest & Convention. The Seabelles in Area 1 exemplifies a chorus that embodies the true essence of friendship, support, and fun. Their harmonious voices create a transforming experience and a bond beyond the music that truly shines. At their recent competition in June 2023, it was obvious to me that rehearsals with this group would be filled with unwavering support, lots of laughter and FUN!"

    Evan Feist, Acaville Radio
    - Evan Feist

    What a fantastic gift! This chorus was built from the ground up 54 years ago and has encouraged women of like mind and talent ever since to become part of the dream. I was privileged to be a part of this musical journey for 11 years and I never realized how much I could grow and develop my own voice. And the friendship, support, and kindness freely given I will always be grateful. So I thank you for your dream musical pioneer spirit.
    - Elaine Boudreau


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