Sep 04

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Sea Belles’ Summer Singing FUN!

So what do Sea Belles members do during their summer “Break”?  Why, they sing of course!

And this summer has been no exception.

Sea Belles love to share their love of music! Many Sea Belles sing with other musical ensembles and church choirs which continue throughout the summer, with a few even starting new vocal groups, including a new Sea Belle quartet! Some members also seek opportunities to sing for friends and family at local events throughout the summer.

One of our members even took a leap into the unknown, fulfilling a lifelong dream of performing in musical theatre, successfully auditioning and landing a lead role as Mother Superior in a local Community Theatre production of Sister Act.  Margie Mazerolle attributes singing with Sea Belles and her quartet Just 4 Fun, as giving her a little more faith in herself, and confidence to play the role. Needless to say, all her Sea Belle Sistas attended her performances!

Sea Belles newest quartet Soundwave!

Several of our quartets (including Soundwave, our newest quartet) could be heard singing in backyards, at lakeside trailors or on a beautiful PEI beach. Singing is so much better when enjoyed with life long friends in the great outdoors!







Sea Belles continued a tradition of Christmas in July, hosted by a member, giving us all an early start on our Christmas repertoire. What a fun way to break up the summer and share the holiday spirit with Christmas treats and decor!

Sea Belles had an earlier than usual return to performance this summer, as we shared our music and memories at former Sea Belle Mary Nixon’s 90th Birthday celebration. What a delight it was for us to have Mary, her daughter Wendy and several other former Sea Belle members join us in song!







And of course we all had our musical “homework” for the summer from our director Janet Kidd. So whether it is listening to recorded practices,  MP3 files individually or in small groups, Sea Belles continue to find opportunities to sing. What better way to keep our vocal chords in tune!

Back to practice August 22


Redecorated practice space with new wall mural by Abi Reinhart

On August 22, Sea Belles resumed regular weekly practices at Portland United Church. You can imagine our surprise to see the beautiful whimsical wall mural designed and painted by local artist Abi Reinhart, daughter of member Jane Trites. This pleasant scene will certainly inspire us to greater musical heights! We were also delighted to have 4 new women join us on the risers and look forward to seeing them again. Women who love to sing are always welcome to join Sea Belles.





Sea Belles Chorus has so many reasons to feel blessed! We look forward to another busy singing and performance season as we prepare for the 2017 International Conference and Contest November 1-5, in Halifax, NS. Stay tuned for details of upcoming performances!






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