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Nova Quattro- Quartet since 2003

nova quattro

Nova Quattro have been singing together for over nine years. We have a combined membership in Harmony, Inc. of 100 plus years.

We love the challenge of competing and have competed on the area level as well as Internationally.

We enjoy singing at special occasions, farmers markets, birthday celebrations, shows or any opportunity when asked. First and foremost we have fun.

Pictured above, left to right, are Linda Oliver (Tenor), Marilyn Hickman (Lead), Joanne Conrad (Bass), and Irene Goddard (Bari)

Friends Firstfriends first

Friends First began singing many years ago just as a group of friends who loved to sing. We would get together and sing a little, and then have tea and talk! We finally made the decision to compete at AC&C and were thrilled to receive the Novice Quartet award in 2009. We have enjoyed traveling together to Harmony Homecoming and have enjoyed some great coaching from, Tim Waurick and Eric Dalbey of Vocal Spectrum, and especially from “Showcase” quartet.

Pictured from left to right, Tracey Harkins (bari), Cheryl Sweeney (bass), Debbie Sabean (tenor) and Helen LeFort (Lead).


 Moments of Magic- Quartet since 2014 2015MomentsofMagic

“It all started when Bernice, Bonnie and myself(Sue) were approached by Margie Fife to participate in a pilot program to help members who wanted to try a new part, and to see what happens when singers either blend or not. The first person who wanted to try was one of new youth members Rebecca, and she wanted to try tenor. We started by learning a new song, one the chorus had decided not to do, ” Hey Little Baby of Mine”. We got together several times to rehearse and found that Rebecca was not only a wonderful tenor but the blend with us was amazing. We were having fun getting together so when ACC came around we attended the Quartet contest together, Rebecca was hooked. We asked if this was something she thought she would like to do and she emphatically said yes. Rebecca loved it and we were happy to be her first quartet. We chose the name” Moments of Magic” because it not only speaks to the Magic of ringing chords that happen in barbershop but also to the unexpected way we got together.“Moments of Magic” is going to compete at ACC in Newfoundland in June, 2015.  We really want to thank the members of the chorus for their wonderful comments and support. It means a great deal to have the energy of the chorus behind us.”

Pictured above, left to right: Rebecca Aube (Tenor), Sue Ingraham (Lead), Bernice Blake-Dibblee (Bass), Bonnie Murray (Bari)
Just 4 Fun- Quartet since 2015 Just For Fun- TanglewoodAs the name implies, Just for 4 Fun was formed in the fall, 2015 “just for fun”. These ladies get together to sing and eventually perform just for the fun of comraderie, the joy of singing in harmony and vocal improvement. Although not currently planning to compete in Contest, you never know what the future holds!

Darlene sang with Sea Belles in the ’90’s then took a break returning in 2013 and also been part of a sister/brother trio called Sweet Sounds. Judy brings 20 years of barberhshop experience to round out that of newer members. Margie, a Sea Belle for 5 years, states her love of singing started as a little girl  when her Dad taught her songs like In The Good Old Summertime. Ann, who has sung in school and church choirs most of her life, joined Sea Belles as a Lead in 2009. She always had a love of harmonizing so soon changed to the Baritone.
Pictured above, left to right: Darlene Isnor (Tenor), Margaret Mazerolle (Lead|), Judy Ribo (Bass),  Ann Connolly (Baritone)
FOUR the Moment- Quartet since 2015
Four the Moment in oval frame
FOUR the MOMENT is one of 5 quartets currently in Sea Belles, Inc. chorus and registered with Harmony, Inc. Because we love to sing, in October 2015 one of the Sea Belles’ tenors, Judy McNab, asked three of us to form a fun quartet to practice and sing together.
Mandie Nickerson, a beautiful lead and two year member of the Sea Belles, Deb Campbell, a lead turned baritone and also a fairly new a cappella singer, Margie Fife, a past bari in Seaside Harmony Blend, turned bass and Judy McNab, past tenor in Costal Reflections and Nova Quattro and always a tenor got together, recorded ourselves singing a chorus song, and sent it to our Director, Janet Kidd for her ear as to whether we blended well enough to continue. We were very excited to get the go­ahead from Janet and now we are busy learning new songs together.
Pictured Above, Standing Left to Right- Margie Fife (Bass), Deb Campbell (Baritone); Sitting Left to Right- Judy McNab (Tenor), Mandie Nickerson (Lead)

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