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Executive / BOD/Committees




President Susan Ingraham
Vice-President/Parliamentarian Margie Mazerolle
Secretary Cheryl Sweeney
Treasurer Mandie Nickerson
Cindy Mayo Costumes
Hazel Alexander Charity Coordinator
Ann Connolly Public Relations/ Website
Jane Trites Performance Coordinator
Brenda Smith Ways & Means/Fundraising
Vangie Mofford Parlementarian
Tracey Harkins Ex-Officio
Chorus Liason Judy McNab
Margie Mazeriolle Membership
Susan Rose/LiLan Pook Music Librarian
Darlene Isnor Sunshine
Bonita Hester,Helen LeFort,Linda Oliver Social
Bonita Hester, Courtney Bannister Makeup
Margie Fife Quartet Promotion
 Bernice Blake- Dibblee 50/50
Margie Fife/Darlene Isnor Photographer
Margie Fife/ Darlene Isnor Videographer
Sue King  Angel Fund
Judy McNab/Cheryl S Road Manager- ACC&ICC
Margie Fife, Courtney Bannister Facebook and Social Media
Dianne/ Maureen/Marlene/ Nancy/Rose Telephone
Debbie Sabean Sergeant-At-Arms
Valerie Dingee—————————???? YouthCoordinator–Grants/Sponsorship
Music Team:
 Vangie Mofford Chair
Janet Kidd Director
Marilyn Hickman Assistant Director
Marilyn Hickman, Maureen Deschene, Lead Section Leaders
Irene Goddard, Joanne Conrad Baritone Section Leader
Cheryl Sweeney, Bernice B-Dibblee Bass Section Leaders
Debbie Sabean Tenor Section Leader
Tracey Harkins Choreographer

2017/8 Sea Belles’ Board of Directors

2017/18 Music Team


Photo taken Fall 2014 but same Music Team 2017/2018 with exception Debbie Sabean has replaced Linda Oliver as Tenor Section rep.


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