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Sea Belles holds a number of Fund-raisers each year to assist with expenses related to costumes, music and travel expenses related to International and Atlantic competitions. See also Post- Annual Sea Belles Fund-Raisers and Spring Fashion Show and Mini Art Auction

A percent of these proceeds is donated to Sea Belles preferred charities, Romero House and Sophia Recovery Centre.


SOPHIA RECOVERY CENTER is one of our chosen charities this year.

Sophia Recovery Centre provides a safe and supportive environment, offering education, counseling and integration into 12 step spirituality, for seeking recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

It is a day centre open from 9-5pm Monday to Friday. There are daily AA meetings, morning meditation, professional counseling sessions, an endless coffee pot and support from peer mentors who have lived in recovery. They also have Transformation courses and retreats .

This is all for FREE.

It opened its doors on Hazen Street in Saint John five years ago and has grown exponentially. This centre was the vision of two women who are Sisters of Charity here in Saint John-Arleen Brawley sic., and Mary Beth McCurdy sic. It is operated as a charitable centre with a governing Board and three staff persons. It receives donations from foundations, government, grants and bequests.

Why the name Sophia?

Sophia, the Greek word for “wisdom”, is regarded in Biblical tradition as the feminine presence of God’s wisdom. Her wisdom is rooted in experience and compassion and she values the power of presence. Sophia speaks to wholeness, to integration and to the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Sophia, as mentor for the Centre, offers hope, healing and freedom for all women in recovery.

Hear from these quotes of two women how their lives have been transformed by this powerhouse in the centre of Saint John…

“Sophia Recovery Centre is a place where hope lives. As soon as I entered this magical place I felt like I was home. I belonged.  I was accepted and loved just as I was, with no judgment.  I was embraced by a kindness and compassion as I had never seen before. Sophia is a large part of my recovery and I highly recommend it to any woman who is struggling with addictions.”  -Brenda S.

When I came to Sophia Recovery Centre I was lost, given up on myself, thought “I was hopeless and helpless. I have been struggling with alcohol for 19 years. Since I have been coming here I have learned to respect myself and that I am worth saving. Here I have learned how to use the tools that are given to me to stay away from that drink. It is a safe place for me where I am accepted. I have received help and I am able to help others with their addictions. I am now 2 years sober and enjoying it. Finding out what life is really about.“ – Julie C.



ROMERO  HOUSE is our other supported charity.

Romero House,  named after Archbishop Oscar Romero, was established in 1982 by  former Sea Belle Carolyn McNulty and has served over a million meals  to Saint John residents.

A Christian ministry, Romero House consists of a soup kitchen, clothing bank,  emergency family assistance, outreach, a chapel, health care room,  life skills support and in the winter months, a mobile unit.  The  ministry presently provides service to people with drug and alcohol  dependencies, the de-institutionalized, fourth and fifth generation  social assistance recipients, E.I. recipients, low income families,  the working poor and the elderly.

On a typical day, Romero House will feed 400 people.  With 3500 families  registered, many of are provided with household items and clothing as  well as food.

As stewards and  providers of donated goods, dignity and respect are paramount when  fulfilling the needs of each individual.  None of this would be  possible without the generosity of the many supporters of this  ministry.

Since opening, the  McNulty family and other supporters of Romero House have done  a tremendous work of charity for the downtrodden.  Former Sea Belle,  Carolyn, after 30 years, was the founder and Executive Director until her death in 2016. Her daughter  Evelyn runs the day to day activities with volunteers who  generously give of their time.

SeaBelles are proud to  sponsor Romero House as one of our two charities.

If you would like to  know more about how you can get involved please visit or contact the  following:

Evelyn McNulty,  Executive Director


647 Brunswick St.,  Saint John, NB

Phone:  642-7447

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri:  8:00am – 4:00pm, Sat-Sun:   9:00am – 1:00pm

Program Hours:  10:00am -1:00pm





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